Başbakanlık Basın Açıklaması

Münster Başkonsolosluğu 23.03.2011

1. Libya’daki gelişmelere ilişkin olarak 18 Mart 2011 tarihinde Başbakanlık Basın Merkezinden yapılan basın açıklamasının İngilizce metni ikinci maddede sunulmuştur.

2.The United Nations Security Council adopted on 17 March 2011 Resolution 1973 regarding the situation in Libya. The Resolution adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations is universally bindingand contains mandatory clauses for all States.

The Resolution calls on all sides in Libya for an immediate cease-fire and demands the complete end to violence and attacks against civilians.The said Resolution which stipulates that all necessary measures should be taken for the protection of civilians in Libya and that in this connection, the Libyan airspace shall be closed to all flights with the exception of those solely for humanitarianpurposes, also underscores thatforeign occupation forces will not be permitted in any form on any part of Libyan territory.

The Resolution which underlines the requirement to take all necessary measures to ensure the rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian assistance, points to the need to intensify efforts to find a solution that would correspond to the legitimate expectations of the Libyan people and in this connection expresses support for the endeavors to this end of the Special Envoy to Libya appointed by the UN Secretary General and the ad hoc High Level Committee on Libya established by the African Union.

The said Resolution also contains clauses on the enforcement of the arms embargo and theexpansion of the scope of the asset freeze imposed by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970.

Turkey has from the very outset advocated that every step to be taken regarding developments in the Middle East and North Africa must be based oninternational legitimacy. Similarly, Turkey has from the beginning regarded being on the side of the peoples' aspirations for change and transformation as an ethical and moral responsibility. Accordingly, the realization through peaceful means of a democratic transformation that will meet the legitimate aspirations of the people and the avoidance of violence against such demands is our most fundamental expectation.

We had already announced in a statement issued at the highest level that we fully supported the call made by the Arab League on 12 March 2011 to the UN Security Council for the imposition of a no-fly zone in connection to Libya. We had also placed on record our opposition toforeign intervention in friendly and brotherly Libya.

In this context, we want to see an end to the bloodshed and violence against civilians as well as the immediate establishment of a cease-fire. We urgently await that the steps in this direction are taken immediately without any delay and that the aspirations of the people for change and transformation be met.

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